Our staff professionals include licensed practical nurses and registered nurses; certified nursing assistants; physical, recreational and occupational therapists; and a medical doctor.

Many of our certified nursing assistants received their degrees through a program developed by the University of Alaska Southeast and began their careers at Wildflower Court as well-supervised student interns.

Itinerant professionals also schedule regular visits.

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Wildflower Court Stories

"Balancing care is one of the most important things our employees have to learn. Their job isn't about always giving, it is just as much about letting the residents give back. For instance, employees often bring their children in to visit the residents. The older women just love to give advice, and it is usually great advice too-how to care for the baby, what to do, what not to do, the best lullabies for putting a baby to sleep. This is a home of grandmas who have so much love to give."

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