Helping people recover from serious illnesses or accidents is a big part of what we do. Keeping a positive attitude, so important to recovery, is aided by the cheerful, well-lighted surroundings of Wildflower Court .

Our therapists are trained in the latest rehabilitation techniques, and specialists schedule regular visits.

Whether we are helping residents regain their former independence, improving their capabilities, or making their stay as comfortable as possible, we remain focused on returning people to their homes and lives with as complete a recovery as possible.

Regular activities include art classes, readings of poetry and literature, sing-alongs, gardening, exercise routines, care of pets, visits by community groups, field trips, and celebrations of birthdays and holidays.

Wildflower Court Stories

“One of the residents saw a big white limo and said she wanted to go for a ride in it. We first checked with her family to make sure she had the money. So she invites two of her friends and soon a big white limo pulls up in front of the building. Off we all go to McDonald’s, got some food and then to the Mendenhall Glacier. Sitting in the limo, having lunch with a view of the glacier, we all felt so sophisticated. She sat there with an ear-to-ear grin.”

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