Wildflower Court is an Eden AlternativeT home. The Eden Alternative replaces the medical/institutional model of long-term care. The staff members of Eden Alternative certified facilities are committed to removing boredom, loneliness and feelings of helplessness from the lives of residents.

All of our employees-no matter what their responsibilities-interact with residents, engage them in conversation and activities. We encourage residents to enjoy the companionship of each other and our staff, to maintain as much independence as they can, to be active in the daily routine of life at Wildflower Court . The Eden Alternative philosophy is one that welcomes small pets, visits by families and children, and opens the door to community activities and organizations.

About Pets
We carefully screen pets to make sure they are acceptable to the residents and staff.

Wildflower Court Stories

“Animals provide the kind of
spontaneity often missing from the lives
of long-term care residents. The antics
of our house pets are a constant subject
of conversation around here.
One of our residents had trouble
speaking, and because of that she talked
very little, but one day she let the house
dog into her room. Her relationship
with this pet changed her. She began to
share meals with it, and is now more
receptive to other people. Although she
is a private person, she spends much
more time in the common areas, and is
no longer shy about talking, especially
about her favorite pet.”

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